Pure Passion

I took my first steps in photography when I was 14 years old thanks to my school geography teacher. Since that time I am continuously trying to develop my skills in this field. For over 10 years, I have received several dozen of prizes and honourable mentions in various photography competitions, I have participated in many plein-air workshops and exhibitions. However, I have never studied photography or completed any course. The majority of my knowledge is based on my own experience and analysis of photos made by other photographers. I am an engineer by education but despite the degree I have never worked in my profession. I make a living out of photography and… film.

From photography to film

In 2010 I became interested in film. I became completely fascinated by combining image, sound and animation to tell a story. As it turned out, the experience gained in photography was so helpful that I decided to take up film professionally. In 2012 together with Piotr Krężel and Bartosz Wójcicki, we established the 24fps company that provides services within the area of comprehensive production of advertising and promotional videos.

Running own business has never hindered but rather helped me to further develop in the field of photography. I constantly meet a lot of interesting and inspiring people, and thanks to my work with film I fathomed other spheres of multimedia industry. Moreover, making videos taught me to how to better control the image, and thanks to numerous journeys, I was able to gather a significant collection of photographs from, among others, such places like Ireland, Tuscany, Dubai, Chile, Argentina and of course from beautiful Poland.